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About Us

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to superior service and exceeding the expectations of our customers and our principals. We strive to develop and maintain exceptional customer and supplier relationships as a key to success for our principals, our customers, and ourselves. We are committed to increasing sales and profits for our principals and our customers.

Our Credo

At EndMark Sales we don’t look for the easiest way to accomplish a task, we look for the most complete and most accurate way. It may take a little bit longer at times, but that’s the way we do things.

With our team’s knowledge and experience, we sometimes answer questions before they are asked; which helps both customers and principals perform their functions more efficiently.

There are no stupid questions, and we do our best to avoid stupid answers.

We take things personally. Numbers are important, but people are more so.

We value our relationships and strive to earn your trust and your business each day. We may sit across the table, but we’re part of your team.

We're here to help!

Our goal is to become a trusted partner with our customers so that they think of us as an extension of their buying and product development teams.