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Excess Inventory? We can help!

Everyone ends up with some excess inventory from time to time. Please keep us in mind when it comes time to move product out to balance your inventory against your needs.

We have several avenues for helping you adjust your inventory. Here are a few of them:

  • Value chains
  • Other manufacturers or distributors like you
  • Off-shore shipments
  • Animal feed (not for human consumption) in extreme cases

Obviously you’d like to limit your loss on this type of product. It’s easiest to move and at the best price when there is reasonable shelf-life left on the product. The old saying, “first loss is the best loss” applies in this case, but we are happy to help with product in any condition.

Please keep us in mind. Reach out anytime. We’re happy to sell product to you, but we’re also happy to help you when you need to correct your inventory levels.


Introducing New Snack Mix Ins!

  • Sweet Heat Snack Mix
  • Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Snack Mix
  • Power Bowl Mix

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Now Available!

Say hello to a brand new item: Taco Truck Elote Nuggets. Roasted, toasted gourmet corn nuggets with a rich buttery, creamy, cheese flavor and a hint of Chile and Lime. Just like Mexican Street Corn.

For more information on this exciting new product, 

please call or send us an email.